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    I am fortunate to have been referred to Dr Bala K Giri over 15 years ago for acute cervical pain. MRIs revealed several serious issues, but we mutually agreed to monitor and try a series of less invasive therapies and treatments. At the end of the long road, I ran out of options when I developed severe neurological symptoms. He had to perform a 4 level C3-C7 fusion using anterior and posterior approaches, an 8 hour long, complicated surgery. This has proven to be life altering for me. Perhaps this sounds a bit dramatic, but not far from the truth, Dr Giri essentially gave me my life back and I am now free of the pain that dominated my life for so many years. I feel so fortunate to have found in Dr Giri a surgeon who worked with me over so many years with superb skill, uncommon kindness and deep compassion. These are all rare qualities to find in one human being and Dr Giri has been blessed with them all. If you are reading this I know you are considering options. Good Luck!


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